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Introducing Glitchcraft Design studio

I've been running my business under my own name for almost 4 years now. I originally set up "" as a portfolio site for grad school applications, and then as a resume site when looking for work. While it started out as a profile, basically, it's become the place where I do business.

The work I've been doing under my name has shifted from communication design, to visual marketing, to digital strategy, to UX design. But it's always been "me." That was the thing that tied all the design-y things together.

But I've recently started realizing how weird I felt trying to market "what I do" as my name. It felt like I was selling my self instead of the work I did. It's not uncommon for designers to struggle separating their ego from their work. But that was doubly true when I was doing it under my name.

Honestly, the breaking point was realizing that the main reason I haven't been more proactive in sharing my work – or even speaking about it to others – is because it's under my name. I never had trouble telling people about what I did, or the company I worked for, when I had a "regular job." But when I switched to solo work, all of a sudden I was shy and awkward. Instead of having to explain my work it felt like I had to explain my self.

The more I played with the idea of working under a separate brand name, the more freedom I felt. And following the advice of "Whatever allows you to create more, do that" I finally decided on a new brand name.

I'm still keeping around as the hub for my illustration work (a side project), and personal blog. But I'll be offering all design services under a new name:


Glitchcraft Design

I'm currently in the process of designing the new site, but if you'd like to follow along with this new adventure, sign up for the newsletter at