Hi, I’m Kat. Nice to meet you!

I’m a graphic designer, UX strategist, and illustrator. I’m also a technophile, avid hiker, cat mom, knitter, sportsbike admirer, weekday vegetarian, and tea addict.
I’m passionate about problem-solving and communication. My work is focused on mapping out complex systems for easy understanding, using data for communications and decision-making, and solving problems in visual ways.

I don’t think logic and creativity are contradictory, but complementary. I believe in approaching  most everything with equal parts empathy and analysis. I’m a “multipotentialite” who gravitates to uncovering patterns and finding connections.

Curiosity and variety are what gets me up in the morning. So I look for new experiences. I’ve done product design at a startup in India as well as marketing at a Fortune 500 tech company. I’ve studied mechanical engineering at an Ivy League school, but create designs and illustrations. I have backgrounds in systems engineering, product & graphic design, and community management. Most of my clients are engineering and tech companies needing user-centric solutions and creative communications.

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What I do

User Experience

Content Strategy

Working with brands to develop content guides and workflows that create meaningful experiences for users while addressing business goals. We’ll work together understand what should be created (and why) and then develop concepts and strategies for all types of content: written, visual, video, and interactive. I can help with developing style and messaging guidelines, defining success metrics for your intended audience, developing an editorial calendar, mapping content flow, or crafting a social media strategy.

Information Architecture

Working to present complex information to users in the easiest and most straightforward way possible. I help by sorting through navigation flows, content, and processes to record and map information. Systems engineering techniques will be used to develop effective hierarchies and categorizations and map behaviors to help users find their way easily and intuitively.

Design Strategy

Using business strategy in the context of design decisions. “Helps firms determine what to make and do, why do it and how to innovate contextually, both immediately and over the long term. This process involves the interplay between design and business strategy.” (Wikipedia)

Visual Communication

Graphic Design

Using visual elements to solve problems and communicate ideas. Creative direction, marketing communications, web graphic design. Brochures, Posters, flyers, logo design

Information Design

Using visuals to communicate information, either in the form of infographics or data visualization.


Drawing original concepts digitally or traditionally. I’d love to help with your t-shirt design, hand-drawn card, creative logo, tattoo design, children’s book, graphic novel, portrait, or anything else needing original art.

mugs of tea each day
fancy engineering degree
months working corporate
time for non-profits

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"Kat has the ability to simplify any conversation visually into a single image that everyone understands and can build from."

− Anonymous Peer Review, 2013

"Kat is an exceptional teammate. She’s smart, articulate, outgoing, and organized. During my time working with her I've appreciated her creativity, patience, and passion for technology. She’s proactive and exceptionally reliable."

− Mike Aubry, Technology Evangelist, Autodesk

"Kat’s mechanical engineering and graphic design background gives her unique customer insight that she brilliantly uses to focus on the customer. From her engaging Design Challenges to her extremely popular posts (that regularly get hundreds and hundreds of likes) to growing the Fusion 360 Facebook page to over 400k Fans, she’s changing the way we engage with and inspire our customer communities."

− Brenda Discher, VP Manufacturing 360, Autodesk