Hey friends!

I just moved to San Francisco and am looking for a new UX job. I’ve had a couple interviews so far, but nothing I’m super excited about. If you know anyone working at the companies on my wishlist below or a similar place, please let me know!



Kat Ingalls is a designer specializing in information architecture. With over 6 years of experience in product design, Kat’s work blends backgrounds in systems engineering, graphic design, and digital marketing. She use pens, planning, and pixels to make digital experiences more intuitive and impactful. While improving the UI of anything she touches is second-nature, making complicated interactions feel simple and easy is her passion. With a systems approach to design, she specializes in untangling complexity and creating calm from overwhelm.



Fit Checklist

I have something that wasn’t on your wishlist.
What are you looking for?



  • Part of a team (at least 5+ designers)

  • Focus on information architecture

  • Complex product, needing to simplify complicated user flows and systems-level problem solving

  • Collaboration with dev + business teams

Not so much*

  • First / sole designer on a team

  • Focus on visual /UI design (happy to do, just don’t want it to be my focus)

  • Pretty straightforward product, surface-level problem solving

  • Design researcher or design engineer (interested in developing these skills, but these are specialized roles)




  • Mindfulness / Mental Health

  • Books / Journalism

  • Machine Learning / AI

  • Communication (data visualization, productivity apps)

  • Personal fitness

  • Pets, Plants, Wildlife

  • Sustainability, Social impact

Not so much*

  • Advertising / Marketing

  • Finances + Fintech

  • Sales, Operations (HR, Procurement)

  • Consumerism (Hardware, E-commerce)

  • Insurance

  • Cars, Transport




  1. Based in Central SF

  2. B2C business model

  3. More than 100 employees (mid-size)

  4. Mentorship opportunities

  5. Sweet office (sunny, plants, perks like kombucha on tap)

  6. Remote work friendly, when needed

  7. Generous PTO

Not so much*

  1. Based in South Bay

  2. B2B business model

  3. Less than 100 employees

  4. Meh office (dark, few perks)

  5. Rigid about work hours, little remote flexibility

*generally, not hard-and-fast rules