You know that design and marketing can help grow your business, but aren’t sure whether it’d be better to grow your website, your newsletter, social media, update your branding,  or create new marketing materials. Which one will bring in the most clients or sales? What specific design changes, marketing techniques, and automation tools would work best for your specific business, and why? And how do each of these things actually help you get more clients or sales, anyway? And since you’re a small business, you don’t have time (or the resources) to do this over and over again. You need a plan for the future, and some training to get it done.


If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right

Some designers just build websites and brands, which is great if you know what you want. But I’m a strategist as much as I am a designer. So instead of just creating a bunch of stuff without actually addressing your real business goals (more clients, more sales, more conversions), we’ll look at design, marketing, and your business processes as a system and create a plan for using them together. You’ll be able to make the most impact with the smallest investment, actually  measure how you’re growing, and make marketing yourself an easy, sustainable option for the future.