A good fit if....

You're results oriented. 

I'm a designer, but I'm also an engineer by training. We'll get along great if, in addition to needing design and marketing help, you're also motivated by numbers and a plan.

You aren't sure where to start. 

You are 100% in the right place. This is a foundation for both setting measurable business goals specific to you and how to get there with design and marketing. You'll even be able to use and apply the the strategy and materials we create after our project together has finished. 

You're doing cool shit. 

Especially if you're a maker, tech startup, creative, or social entrepreneur. (And aren't bothered that I just said "cool shit.") 


Common Questions

What am I getting with the deliverables?

Unlike other designers that focus on deliverables as the outcome, I focus on solving your challenge, in whatever way makes the most sense. The weekly deliverables aren't specified because they'll be determined based on your business goals. We'll discuss your challenges, and I'll make recommendations for what materials and processes would be most impactful in getting us there.

what will we talk about during the strategy sessions?

This time is for you. While email is fine for short questions, it's lousy for digging deep. This is design consulting, tech training, and business coaching time. If you have a question about why one platform would work better for your business than another, we can do a marketing consult. Or if you want to go over this week's work, we can do a design review. We can talk about what's planned for this upcoming week, dig into your ideal audience, talk about how to use a specific platform ... it's up to you. If there's specific topics you want to discuss, you can just email them to me anytime the week before and I'll make sure we cover them.

How do I know this will work? 

If you were a chef, think of this offering as a combination of a killer recipe, "mise en place" ingredients, and cooking lessons. It's everything you need to help you improve your cooking – but you still to cook if you want people to come to your restaurant! The same is true for digital marketing. I'll give you a killer plan, the materials, and training to reach your business goals... but you still need to practice marketing.

While I can't control how your audience interacts with you, I will guarantee my results. During our last week working together, I'll give you a 12-week "Moving Forward Guide." If you still haven't reached the goal we originally set after doing the steps outlined there, I'll keep working with you until we do. 

I'm looking for ongoing work. Do you do that? 

Definitely! If you'd like to keep working together after our sprint, just let me know and we can talk about the possibility of a retainer rate.