It all started when...

I've always been half type-A geek, half rebel art kid. When deciding between art school and using my mad math/science skills, I decided to major in engineering. Because innovation & creative problem solving seemed like an awesome blend of left & right brain. 

I studied mechanical engineering at Cornell with a focus on product design. I also did a masters' thesis is in systems engineering as an undergrad. So I got the skills, but skipped the grad degree (and the loans!). While studying engineering, I worked as a gallery intern doing graphic design and illustration.

After college, I worked in product design, graphic design, and social media marketing before I finally felt I had enough to experience to start my own business. I did product design at a startup in India. I worked as a graphic designer for an education nonprofit, a family-owned shop, and as a freelancer. And I worked for 3 years as a social media marketing manager โ€“ with a dash of UX  design + business development โ€“ at a big tech corporation in Portland (with a manager in San Francisco, yay remote teams!).

While I've had many roles, the constant has always been balancing analytical and creative.

Happily, it all blends together. Today, my focus is on digital communication and systems-level problem solving.  One of my favorite parts of being independent is being able to bring out my "engineering hat" or "UX/product designer hat" as I work on different projects.

 I love illustration  because  I'm a nerd at heart.

I love illustration because I'm a nerd at heart.