Letters from Kat

Remember how people used to write each other actual letters? With pens, and envelopes, and beautiful handwriting? It took a day or two to arrive, but there was thoughtfulness, and personality, and intimacy.

Email is an amazing tool, but it's taken a lot of those feelings of connection away. I'll be using a keyboard instead of a nib, but I want to keep that same personal touch in my letters to you. But still making them super helpful, as your designer friend. I like thinking of them as old-fashioned notes for the digital age. 

What's inside?

I share notes about:

  • how visual content can help you grow your audience
  • marketing and workflow tips for small businesses
  • studio news and projects
  • travel updates / life as a digital nomad

ANd goodies like:

  • illustrated prints + digital wallpapers
  • early access discounts
  • free consultations each month
  • marketing resources (cheatsheets, checklist)
  • sketchnote summaries