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We've Got work to do

but there's never been a better time to do it

Yeah, you're a business-owner. But you didn't start this adventure for the money or the potential glory. (But hey, those are pretty sweet, too.) You did it to make an impact. Because you're passionate about making a difference, and you saw the best way to do that was by starting your own DIY revolution – in the form of your work. 

I’m on a mission to help more everyday individuals build the answers to the changes they want to see in the world.

You're a

And a big part of that is the "making." You just need help with a PLAN and some TOOLS to get your work SEEN.


Digital strategy helps you reach more people with your ideas, grow your community, and increase your impact (you know, the kind you can actually measure). In business terms, that translates to awareness, audience, and conversions.

I show you exactly how to get there and will help you design the communications and build the systems to turn your ideas into accomplishments.


Point me in the Right Direction

change-maker's blueprint

Walk There With Me

 strategy sprint

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"So what do you make?"



Sales funnel development

Content strategy

UX recommendations

Project management

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Logo + branding

Marketing materials

Concepts / Mockups

Website design

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Digital Marketing

Community management

Content calendars

Metrics + Optimization

Marketing automation

kind words

from clients

Kat, you made the process so easy and fun! I could never have thought of all the choices you gave me. I had no idea how to go about doing anything and you took care of everything.
— Robyn Galster // Owner, Clayground Pottery Studio
Kat’s developing an impassioned community of followers – a critical element of our go-to-market strategy. Kat’s mechanical engineering and graphic design background gives her unique customer insight that she brilliantly uses to focus on the user.
— Brenda Discher // VP Marketing at Autodesk
During my time working with her I’ve appreciated her creativity, patience, and passion for technology. She’s proactive and exceptionally reliable.
— Michael Aubry // Tech Marketing at Autodesk
Kat’s talent went beyond the meticulous illustrations she did for our website. She was incredibly professional and client-oriented. She communicated with us extensively to ensure we shared the same vision, delivered efficiently, and was utterly gracious about making changes during the process - even when the misunderstanding had come from our side. I’ll be looking to work with Kat again in the near future.
— Philip Gold // CEO, Lumenflex



I'm a multidisciplinary designer who uses pens, pixels, and planning to support people who are passionate about turning their big ideas into reality.

My work blends backgrounds in illustration, UX design, engineering (yeah, this dork has an engineering degree!), and marketing. I love working with people who want designs that are as impactful as they are good-looking. Because design isn’t just pretty - it needs to solve a problem. 

I'm also a digital nomad, minimalist, and paper notebook dork who loves dancing, bikes, board games, and tea. (So much tea.)  

Read more about me here.

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you say you want a revolution?

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